Drone Strike Force - Canyon Map

I had the pleasure to work as an Environment Artist on Drone Strike Force, an online shooter with three-dimensional gameplay for competitive, skill-based combat with drones. One of my responsibilities in this project was to work close to the Game Design team and find the best way to represent their grayboxing, taking into account the levels of detail, realism and guidelines given by the art direction department. I created lots of procedural materials in Substance Designer (soon an exclusive post of materials), and many of the shaders in Unreal that we need for streets, sidewalks, landscape, props, etc... I did the streets/blocks structure of the city, and I dressed the landscape and background. I did a lot of the set dressing and polish, and I was in charge of the set dressing of the shots for the trailer.
Credits goes to my talented colleagues at Nimble Giant Entertainment. This was a team effort, it could not have been possible without each of you guys ;)